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Take a look into the world of Clover

One of CLAMP's ongoing works, Clover, was shown in the Japanese magazine Amie. The maker of Amie, Kodansha, canceled the magazine only months after it's introduction to the public. Clover so far has four tankoubons out and I am unsure if and when there will be more. It's only in Japanese but there are translations of it to be found on Zahara Medina and Runa-chan II Home Page.
Clover has a feeling unlike that of CLAMP's other works, such as X and Card Captor Sakura. It is singular in this way. It is a dramatic manga set in the future about a girl named Suu. She is a 'four leaf clover', the highest of the four groups of people that have special talents that the government wants. A 'four leaf clover' shouldn't exist and must remain in solitude so that they don't fall in love. It is mentioned that the reason for this is that, if a four leaf clover were to love someone, that person could command them to use their power against the government. Suu is the only 'four leaf clover' and was taken away from her family when she was a child. The story doesn't go into this part of Suu's life, yet. One of the Elders that control Suu and people like her, requests the service of a man who use to work for the government. He is to take Suu where she wishes to go. This man was once the boyfriend of Oruha, the singer who sang songs Suu listened to. The songs are sung throughout the manga. However, others are after Suu and the power she posesses. Because of this, Suu has a dangerous road ahead of her. I won't spoil you with the climax times in the story, for those you have to read yourself, or you won't get the full meaning of the moment. I have the four tankoubons, and all I can say is that the artwork is wonderful in an elegant, simple way. If you would also like to get them, you can contact Pat from Sasuga Japanese Bookstore. She's very helpful and you only need to give her the title and maybe the author of what you are looking for. I'd scan in more pictures, or set up a request feature, but I don't have a flat bed scanner :(


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