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only moon ring

Welcome to only moon ring. For those of you that already know what a ring is you can skip all the next words and continue where you see a *, if you don't know what a ring is just keep reading. A ring is a system that connectes all (or hopefully all) the pages of a certain subject, in this case Sailor Moon. People use this as another way to travel the net. It's convenient in the sense that you'll always know that when you click on the 'next' or 'previous' button you'll get a sight that has something about (ex.) Sailor Moon. Now that you know at least a little about rings why not continue reading and join this one. *There are two things you need in order to join. One of them is you need to have a Sailor Moon page. It doesn't have to have only Sailor Moon related stuff. The other thing you need is to put the html fragment on you homepage or on a rings page. You can find the fragment below. When I receive the form you fill out, and check your page, you'll get an e-mail from me telling you that your page was added. Thanks and enjoy your stay at only one moon.

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After you've sent in the form just copy and paste the html in the below box. Before you can be added change where you see 'your name here' to your name, replace 'your_id#' to the id number given to you when you sent in the form, also don't forget to put your e-mail address after the "mailto:". Any questions? you can contact me at

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