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Welcome all ye wonderers from afar and near to a crypt keepers nightmare.
A place to come and see all there is on Halloween.
A ghost or witch's brew all waiting to meet you.
So come step forward and don a robe of spiders web and a hat from a dead mans head.
Sip your drink, wait for the clock to toll twelve, and get ready to trick and treat.
All the ghouls and goblins come to join in for some Halloween fun.
Bobbin for apples with the sound of the fires crackle are the things to do.
See the witch fly past the full moon or carve a pumpkin with a silver spoon.
Munch on rat bones and throw stones at passing bats from the top of a haunted house.
So many things to have done for All Hollows Eve.
Dress for the best or wear what comes first.
Whatever you do just be sure to come home before three, when the dying die and the haunts cry.